Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Home Office

From Ugly Master bedroom to Nice Home Office/Gym.

     When I bought the house, the car garage was enclosed and turned into the master bedroom. The AC/heater runs all the way to that room. I didn't care for a car garage and it seemed like a good idea having an extra room instead of car garage. The problem was that the previous owner of the house used to rent it and it seemed like the tenants didn't care too much to live in a nice environment. The carpet in that bedroom was very nasty. It smelled like a combination of dog pee and dirty socks. I knew we needed to do something about it, so I didn't use that room (well we did use it but as a storage room at the beginning) until my husband and I decided what were we going to do with it. We used the original master bedroom as our bedroom so we didn't need another master bedroom. We decided to completely remodel the whole room and turn it into our home office/gym.

     This was the room when we got the house:

Then when I moved in and used it as a storage room:

Not a pretty picture.

The first thing we did was take that nasty carpet off. I just couldn't live like that. As you can see, I wasn't kidding when I said that the carpet smelled like dog pee.

Under the carpet, there was an old carpet pad that was falling apart. It was hard to take it off because it was glued on the floor. Besides that, there was mildew. Yuck!

Then we cleaned the floor. We spent a lot, believe me a lot of time cleaning it. The floor was clean but the spots never came out. We even used bleach and other stuff to get rid of them but this is the best we could do:

Then we decided we wanted to paint the walls red. Well, that was my crazy idea and Josh just went along with it ha!. After we bought the paint and tried it on the wall, it didn't come out red as I was expecting. These are brick walls so for some reason it came out like a dark-orange color.

By the time, we already had bought 4 gallons of paint so we had to use it. Because it was crazy orange, we just painted 2 walls in that color and we tuned it down painting the other 2 walls in a creamy color.

Then it was time for the flooring. We used Traffic Master Laminate Flooring.

We installed the carpet pad, and then Josh installed the flooring. It was time consuming since he was doing it by himself and he had to stop every time he had to cut the flooring to the correct size.

We also replaced the ceiling fan.

Once we had walls painted, and the flooring installed, here is the finished room:

Before and After pictures:

For some reason I am obsessed with the Eiffel Tower and I wanted to add an original touch to our new room so, this are a couple of designs I created in my Cricut machine:

Installing the furniture.

After installing the baseboard and move the furniture in:

1, 2, 3.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Entrance Hooks

In one of our trips to Michael's, we saw some monogrammed hooks for just $4.99. Immediately I thought it would be a good idea to have a couple of them in the main entrance of the house. When I used to get home, I always placed my purse directly in my bedroom or if I was in a rush, I just dropped it on the couch. I needed a place to hang it so this project was very helpful to me. Now, not I just have a place to hang my purse, but we also have a place to hang umbrellas or jackets. Also, when we have guests we can place their belongings there. :)

The only problem with these hooks was that they were black and white. They didn't match my home theme colors at all.

They looked so off.....

So I knew I needed to make some changes to them, and immediately I started working on them. We bought 7 of them to spell Webster.

Materials I used:

1- 7 Hooks - Michael's

2- Blade

3- Matching Scrapbook Paper

4- Mod Podge

5- I tried to use some flower embellishments but I ended up not using them

6- Some acrylic colored drops

7- Cardboard Paper

First, I scraped all the initials and the back paper until I could see the wood.

Then, I measured, cut, and glued the scrapbook paper with the mod podge.
Then, I used my Cricut Expression Cutting Machine and some matching cardboard for scrapbooking and cut the letters.

Then, I again used the mod podge to glue the letters to the wood. And last, I used some acrylic red drops to accent the initials.

I ended up with this:

Entrance Wall Before:


Entrance Wall After:
The leaves are a present my grandfather gave me and I have no idea where did he buy them.

Like it? Please, post your comment ;)

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